Live Guitar Setup
When I play live concerts, I use a Flamenco Negra built by Bruce Wood. The pickup (LR Baggs Element) first goes through a TC Electronic PolyTune 2, then into a LR Baggs Para DI EQ, then into a Strymon Big Sky Reverb, then into a mixer, power amp and speakers.

Studio Guitars
For recording, I use a Flamenco Negra built by Lester DeVoe, a Taylor Dreadnought 810CE and a Fender Jazz Bass. In the past, I used a Ramirez 2CWE. Currently, I use a Neumann U87 AI to mic the guitars. In the past, I have used the following mics; Neumann KM 184, Neumann KM 185, Neumann M 149 and AKG C414 XLS.